One Week with the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT!

What do you picture in a car that starts at $20,000? Probably something basic, simple and utilitarian. That’s what I imagined when Hyundai told
me the price of their Elantra GT. However, after test driving it for a week my opinion quickly changed.

The Elantra GT is Hyundai’s latest and probably one of my favourites in Hyundai’s lineup. The Elantra has generally been a 4-door sedan but the
GT turns it into a sporty hatchback.  It was designed and fine tuned in Europe and tested on the tracks of the Nürburgring Race Track in Germany.

I got to test drive a Phoenix Orange Elantra GT Sport with 201 HP. But they do sell a 2.0L model without turbo and slightly less horsepower. It
has 18” Alloy rims which look great on a hatchback. Getting in was super easy since it has a keyless entry. But the first thing I noticed when I got
inside was the gorgeous panoramic sunroof. It’s amazing how much more spacious the car feels when the entire top lets you peer into the sky.
My favourite is driving at night when the sky is clear and I can see all the stars.

The dashboard was all black, fairly basic but had every feature you could imagine. As a tech reviewer, the first thing I tested out was the
infotainment system controlled by a 8” touchscreen. It supports both Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay, which is perfect since I swap between
both phones regularly. There’s Bluetooth support so you can hook up your phone but I was more impressed with the sound quality. My experience
with sound via Bluetooth has usually been a poor one. I mostly played music through Spotify and it sounded great with crisp highs, good mids and
even some base.

My test model provided access to Sirius XM, a navigation system, ventilated seats, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking,
lane-keeping assist, automatic high-beams, and more. It even had a heated steering wheel which I thought was pretty impressive for a car at this
price point. Hyundai does a good job at giving you all the features you’d expect only from an expensive luxury vehicle.

This car has a lot of pep and accelerating is quick. You won’t ever feel like you can’t pass someone when you switch lanes or speed up to merge
onto a highway. The drive reminds me of a nice cross between the 4-door Elantra and Hyundai’s Veloster. It gives you the best of both worlds,
sporty when it needs to be but comfortable and smooth at the same time.
The rear passenger seats have plenty of space to sit and I never felt cramped. The rear seats fold down if you ever need more space to put
something in the trunk. In fact, the Elantra GT has more space than the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

I really enjoyed my time with the Elantra GT. It was compact but spacious, sporty but smooth and it had all the tech features I wanted in a car.
It’s a really good option for those that want the best of everything in a hatchback and at a really great price.

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