Taking a Road Trip in a Hyundai IONIQ

The snow is gone, the flowers are starting to bloom and the temperature is in the mid-twenties. Summer is finally here, which means road trips, cottage visits and lots of money spent on gas. Gas isn’t cheap in Canada. It adds up, especially on those long weekends when gas companies purposely jack up the price to increase their profits. I go to the cottage a lot and I have to fill up the tank twice. Once on the way there and once on the way back. That’s a total cost of $140 each trip. However, if you include the other five times I go that brings it to a total cost of $840 every single summer. My car has a V6 engine so it’s not a complete gas-guzzler, but it’s not the most efficient either. It wasn’t until I test drove the Hyundai Ioniq, a car that has a second electric motor, that I realized the complete benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle.

With my current vehicle I get about 20 miles per gallon compared to the 50 miles per gallon I’d get with the Hyundai Ioniq. That’s more than double the distance I can travel on one tank with the Ioniq. That means more than half the cost in savings when driving to the cottage. Plus, if you include city driving, the electric motor is constantly charging from all the stops or hills you go down.

Nonetheless, fuel efficiency is one of the main reasons I like the Hyundai Ioniq. The second reason why I love this car is the technology that makes the driving experience even better. I don’t have a navigation system in my current car and that’s fine because I’m used to using my phone. But the Ioniq has a navigation system, Android Auto or CarPlay and a charging pad to charge my Samsung Galaxy S8 while I’m driving. These are little things, but things you learn to love after using them for a short period of time. Navigation on the dashboard allows me to not have to pick up my phone or install a flimsy car mount. Android Auto also provides a hands free experience, which helps me keep my eyes on the road. Additionally, the charging pad keeps my battery full and provides the perfect spot to rest my phone.

So, what is it actually like to drive long distances with the Ioniq? It’s great! It’s very smooth even on those unpaved back roads in cottage country. One really neat safety feature that caught my attention is the lane departure system. If the car detects you veering out of your lane it will beep to notify the driver. I get sleepy behind the wheel at times and often have to switch seats with my wife, but it’s nice to know that if I were ever in a situation that my eyes would start to close I would be notified to stay awake. Blind spot detection is another really amazing feature too; if a vehicle is ever in your blind spot you’ll get audio and visual warnings similar to the lane departure warning.

The Ioniq has all the features that I want in an affordable hybrid vehicle. Overall, I would highly recommend this car to anyone that likes to take many road trips or to someone that travels far for work. At the end of the day, I found this car to make my driving experience much more enjoyable, plus having more money in your bank by saving on gas would give anyone a reason to want a hybrid.


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